Show and Tell: Puppy Doggie Sauce

I wasn't entirely sure that this post would be worthy of a Circle Time: The Show and Tell entry. Then I read Mel's 's post about her vision of Chewbacca appearing on her floor -- wearing Darth Vadar's cloak, no less!

I knew in an instant that I needed to bring "Puppy Doggie Sauce" to the circle.

Puppy Doggie Sauce isn't a sauce you put on puppy doggies. It is a nickname that one of our little friends uses to refer to salad dressing.

I present you with exhibit A:


Do you see it? Look hard. At the mushroom perhaps? What if I outlined it for you in yellow?


Proving once again, that adults often don't "see" the detail in things when we think we know what they should be.

What's that? You found the puppy dog without my help? Excellent! But did you find the hidden dinosaur....


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Cricket said...

I didn't see the head, but I immediately spotted the tail! Very timely.

Mine's up, too.

Arian said...

Perfect post to go with Mel's Chewy!

Lee said...

Cricket and Arian: Thanks for stopping by! I couldn't resist posting this after reading Mel's post about her floor!

Joanna said...

I'd say its worthy!

I expected one look a like item but then you threw the dinosaur out there!

Great post.

Julie Cole said...

Ha - but did anyone see the Ikea catalogue from last year? You'll know what I mean if you saw it!

Wishing 4 One said...

This is definitely a worthy post. I think Lolli should dedicate a Show & Tell one Sunday for things like this. Call it "Hidden Images, What do You See". She is much more creative and could come up with a better catch phrase no doubt. Anyway love the puppy sauce!

Michael said...

Thanks for visiting, Nicole!

Reception has been off a little this week, but in a great way. Been busy on a project, and hope I can post it soon. I think it needs to be published first, though...

Kimberley said...

Great post! I would have never saw Chewy, the puppy or the dino. Very creative! Kim

Lori said...

Neat! Rorschach in a Puppy doggie Sauce!

Not sure I'd have seen it without your help.

Lee said...

Joanna: Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I needed some young eyes to point out both of them for me!

Julie: You aren't talking about this incident are you? ;)

Wishing 4 one: I agree. She is very creative! Thanks for stopping by!

Michael: No worries! Looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve!

Kimberley: Thanks for stopping by!

Lori: I wonder if the ability to see those images reflect our psyche? (And I needed help to see them too!)