Here's my NaComLeavMo report: I'm 15 comments behind. (With 8 days to go and 47 more comments to make!)

I think I'm glad that Mel went with the one-week-a-month plan moving forward! From Mel's site:

The new name will be IComLeavWe (since it is a week) but isn't that cool: IComLeavWe--International Comment Leaving Week but say it aloud and it sounds like "I come; leave we." So you walk into the blog alone (as an "I") and you leave after reading and commenting as a "we." Because you've made a connection with someone.

The code for this doodle and other doodles you can use on your blog can be found at Doodles.

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The Town Criers said...

I am in love with this! I have to put it in the Roundup this week. Thank you!

Lee said...

Mel: Glad you like it! Thanks for hosting all the great stuff you do at your place!

Brigindo said...

Love the doodle and the sentiment.

Lee said...

Brigindo: Thanks for stopping by! And, for the record, it's through you that I found Mel's place. And I'm loving it there! So thanks for that too.