NaComLeavMo update

NaComLeavMoBrigindo over at dirt and rocks tells us that we're already halfway through NaComLeavMo.

Status report: I'm 3 comments behind.

Not bad considering I entered the challenge 9 days in! (Yes, I had a tonne of catching-up to do!)

Given that there are over 200 official participants (of which I am not, as I didn't register in time) there is no chance that I'm even going to attempt the "Iron Commenter" challenge of hitting all the participants blogs and commenting.

Still, it's nice to see I'm in good shape for a strong finish!

(And welcome to everyone who's come here via NaComLeavMo and via Mel's Show and Tell!)

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SAHW said...

I'm impressed that you caught up after entering 9 days after it started!! You're worthy of being an iron commentor just for that. :)

Brigindo said...

Yeesh, you only 3 comments away from being caught up and you started 9 days late???? I feel like such a loser now.

Lee said...

SAHW and Brigindo: Thankfully Blogger sends me an e-mail every time I make a comment. I was able to count the actual comments I had made in those nine days and add it to my total!

Loser? Heh. Not so much. I think if you're out living your life instead of at the computer you're much better off!

Korechronicles said...

Add my impressed self as well. I'm now one day behind after a great start. But I have a presentation to do that has chewed up more time than I expected today. So...better job tomorrow, I hope. Thanks, too, for coming by and commenting on my blog.

Lee said...

Korechronicles: Life often seems to get in the way of our pleasure pursuits!

Lori said...

Thanks for the wig link! Maybe my parents and his knew each other from Parenting Classes!

Good job on NCLM.

Sharon said...

Hey from a NCLMer...AND one who didn't make the list!! Just wanted to say HI and have a great weekend!

Lee said...

Sharon: Happy to know I'm not the only one!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a good w/e!