NaComLeavMo: Better late than never


I'm late at getting in the game, but this is a "Na" -style contest that even I can commit to! (Or at least I think I can.)


"Blog writing for a month is all good and fine; but what about the other side of blogging--the comment leaving? Comment leaving is an integral part of blogging. Without comments, blog posts are as flat as...Flat Stanley. Blogging is a conversation."

"mark somewhere on your calendar that you are going to leave 5 comments a day and return one comment a day between May 25 and June 25. In other words, you will do your normal blog reading, but you will make sure that you leave at least 5 comments a day and regardless of how many comments you usually receive, you will return at least 1 comment by going to a commentor's blog and leaving a comment there. If you do not have any comments that day (perhaps you didn't write a new post or your blog falls into a strange, other-worldly commentless abyss), simply jump to the participant's list below and pick a new blog and leave a comment."

"New people who have never commented on your blog before take precedence over usual commentors. All commenting is done on the honour system--if you tell me you left the requisite amount of comments each day, I'm going to believe you. Try to spread your comments around--it's okay to comment on the same person's blog each day, but it's better to hit new ones continuously. Please try to visit once all of the blogs listed on the participant's list at some point during the course of the month. Even if you don't leave a comment."

"if you miss a day, you can double up your comment leaving (10 comments and 2 returns) the next day. If you miss three days, triple your comment leaving when you return, so on and so on."
[from Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters , via Dirts and Rocks]

Here goes nothing!

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