Today's quote

Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, "This is the real me," and when you have found that attitude, follow it.
William James


It comes from the inside

Keri Smith had another post that touched me. Especially the quote:

"Good drawings come from the inside, reflecting the artist's state of mind or sense of being. It has nothing to do with technical ability or amount of detail. A simple line can evoke emotion. "

It's applicable across the artforms I think. Acting. Dancing. Writing. Music. When it comes from the inside, it touches your soul. Regardless of your formal training, the quality of equipment, lighting, environment.

Especially important are the words "come from." Not "forced from." Not "dragged out of you kicking and screaming." It comes. Naturally.

Thanks again Keri!


Seeking inspiration

Nothing creative today. So I'll cheat by playing around with something I saw at this blog.

Make your own here!


Our resources are finite

Keri Smith had a thought provoking post yesterday about "what living out loud really means."

I expect that it means something a little bit different for each of us. At the heart of it, however, there is the commonality that we all have limited resources. Limited time and energy.

Of what opportunities do we deprive ourselves, if we waste those precious resources on things over which we have no control? Keri listed some fine examples: wanting to be liked, wanting to project the image of perfection, being "nice" for the sake of being nice, wanting to be in control and trying to live up to perceived expectations.

What is the worst that could happen if we shed our carefully crafted social masks? What is the best?

Just for today....

    "Dance like no one's watching
    Sing like no one can hear you
    Love like you've never been hurt
    and live like you'll die tomorrow."
    - Authour unknown


How to feel miserable as an artist....

Thank you Keri Smith for this wonderful post! (I love it so much I'm resposting it here with credits back to you).

I'm guilty of so many of these!

Waiting to exhale

Hey there and welcome!

I've been finding it a little confining to have a cartoon blog at http://sodsnodds.blogspot.com/ without using it to speak my mind as well. Since I don't want my chatter interupting the flow of the cartoon, I thought I'd set up shop here. Let's see if I can get my head around co-ordinating two blogs!