Poem: Friendship Wish

Somewhere out there,
There's someone who needs a smile.

Somewhere out there,
There's someone who needs a touch of your hand.

There's someone who needs a kind word,
Some understanding,
A whisper of appreciation.

Somewhere out there,
There's someone who needs something to eat,
A place out of the cold,
A pair of warm socks.

Somewhere out there,
There's a soul who needs to be remembered,
Just remembered,
Even that will do.

As you live your life from this moment to next,
Please think about those whose paths you cross,
Even if they stand right in front of you,
Take one little step that can,
And will,
Make all the difference in the world.

copyright 1992, Susan Simmons


Note to self: Mentos + Soda = Fun!

I'm old enough to never have done this in school, but I hear it's big in science classes these days.

I first read about it in The Star's article "Pepsi and Mentos -- How a high-school teacher's science experiment became an Internet phenomenon and taught kids about nucleation sites along the way."

The first paragraph reads:

Before hitting the big time, the "Mentos effect" was a schoolteacher's gimmick to make 13-year-olds listen up in science class. Drop an unwrapped roll of Mentos into a freshly opened 2L bottle of soda and stand back. The pop becomes a geyser of foam guaranteed to soak the ceiling of anybody foolish enough to try it indoors.

And the obligatory Google search turned up a bazillion sites describing this experiment.

But my favourite one is this from EepyBird.com. Two-hundred liters of Diet Coke combined with over 500 Mentos mints. It's amazing and completely insane.


Lesson 9 [Hands] part two

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - Lesson 9
(also seen at ASIFA-Hollywood)


  • Here are the rest of the hands from Lesson Nine
  • I've highlighted some of my favourite hands. Not necessarily favourite because I matched proportion -- just a feeling I had about the hand. Typically it was one that I didn't think too hard about -- the kind that just "happens."
  • I consistently had issues getting the "fleshy" parts of the digits and palm to look fleshy. At least to look as fleshy as Blair's.
  • Wahoo! I'm finally caught up on my lessons. It's a good thing that JohnK took the summer off from teaching!

Hand One:

Hand Two:

Hand Three:

Hand Four:

Hand Five:

Hand Six:

Hand Seven:

Hand Eight:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5: