Baby Pebbles

Since copying seems to be something I'm half decent at, I thought I'd try and copy a cartoon baby.

Using this as a guide:
(originally seen here), I give you this:


I'm embarassed to admit, it was a long journey. Here are the stepping stones I took.

pebbles_01 pebbles_02 pebbles_03 pebbles_04_01 pebbles_04_02 pebbles_04_03

At least the final product is pretty close to the original!



Toddler crafting - Santa and gingerbread

These were created at our local Ontario Early Years Centre.

santa_plate gingerbreadman
Instructions for Santa and gingerbread man can be found at CraftDay.


If at first you don't succeed....

Try, try, try and try again ....


The following were done after I received this insightful comment. Apparently I haven't completely internalized my Preston Blair lessons!



I found that rotating the head more gave me a better chance to use "solid" object guides than the "head on" approach.


Clearly I've still more work to do on this. But for now, I'm putting this baby to bed!


I've been published!

Check out the beta of a techie resource for SQL tips and tricks for Oracle developers. Then see the artwork!

Making realistic snowflakes

Tired of making snowflakes that look like they're squares with holes in them? I've posted instructions for making realistic six-pointed snowflakes!

snowflake_21_d3 snowflake_22_dx snowflake_23_d1


Quick and dirty

Spurred on by a little prodding from Matt I'm posting two quick scribbles.

The first one in honour of the TV show my daughter can not see often enough. (With humble apologies to Chuck Jones)

The second one inspired by this year's brilliant Pampers seasonal commercial positioned in the spot.

You'll notice that when I copy other people's cartoon creations, they look pretty cartoony. However, when I try and take a real-life image and make it cartoony it always ends up looking more sketchy than cartoon-like. (For example, compare the above with Matt's excellent baby post.) Must resist the tendency towards realism!


Toddler crafting - plate for Santa


This craft, created at our local Ontario Early Years Centre exclusively uses Christmas themed foam stickers. Instructions are documented at Craft Day.


Al Hirschfeld on YouTube

Al Hirschfeld creates a Paul Newman caricature.

Thanks to Drawn.ca for the tip-off.