The Whole Mom Rocks!

A big thank you to TheWholeMom.ca for picking up "Sods'n'Odds" as a regular feature! Now I've just got to get cracking on more strips. No pressure!


Lesson 9 [Hands] part one

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - Lesson 9 (also seen at ASIFA-Hollywood)

  • After a two month break, it took quite a while for my hand to become reacquainted with the pencil and paper
  • I'm not focusing on proportion as much as the previous lessons (won't be doing digital comparisons), because I want to make sure I focus more on perspective and variation
  • More pages and commentary to follow... I put these up just to prove I'm still working at it!

Page one:

Page two:



Drawn.ca chosen by TIME!

TIME Magazine has selected Canada's own Drawn.ca blog as one of it's "50 Coolest Websites."

Kudos to Drawn.ca! Well deserved!


Where does the time go?

I had wonderful momentum going with these animation lessons. And then June hit.

I found myself juggling external commitments, domestic activities and the compelling call of summer. For the most part, my sketch book sat lonely and untouched. I hear it calling to me in my sleep. The pages for Lesson Nine look at me longingly each and every day.

I'll be back soon. Very soon.

Wait for me!