Lesson 9 [Hands] part one

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - Lesson 9 (also seen at ASIFA-Hollywood)

  • After a two month break, it took quite a while for my hand to become reacquainted with the pencil and paper
  • I'm not focusing on proportion as much as the previous lessons (won't be doing digital comparisons), because I want to make sure I focus more on perspective and variation
  • More pages and commentary to follow... I put these up just to prove I'm still working at it!

Page one:

Page two:


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Wicks for Candlesticks said...

I love that you are still posting the lessons. So many of us got caught up in other stuff. I hope to have at least two lessons with photoshop corrections uploaded this weekend. Your progress from the beginning to now is amazing. I mean that truly. My favorite lesson of yours is still the Katie Rice one. You nailed that one

Lee said...

Hi David!

Thanks for stopping by... and thanks also for your kind words! *appreciative smile*

It seems like the summer has been a hard time for folks to get to the lessons. Hopefully, John will continue with them in the Fall.

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I can hardly wait to see your new posts.