Quick and dirty

Spurred on by a little prodding from Matt I'm posting two quick scribbles.

The first one in honour of the TV show my daughter can not see often enough. (With humble apologies to Chuck Jones)

The second one inspired by this year's brilliant Pampers seasonal commercial positioned in the spot.

You'll notice that when I copy other people's cartoon creations, they look pretty cartoony. However, when I try and take a real-life image and make it cartoony it always ends up looking more sketchy than cartoon-like. (For example, compare the above with Matt's excellent baby post.) Must resist the tendency towards realism!

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1 comment:

CaveMatt said...

Hey Lee, good to see some drawings up!

I think you're moving towards the outside lines a little quickly. Try putting down some more internal construction with 3D shapes. That's the best way to work. Have you got the Preston Blair book? Almost every how to draw book starts the same way, Basic shapes with construction lines to make them more solid, like eggs instead of ovals, cubes instead of squares and tubes instead of rectangles. The outside lines often resolve themselves if you do good construction work. Don't worry about polish right now.

The baby drawing I did has a lot of that stuff visible in it, although there's also some cheating going on that flattens some of the shapes cuz I did it fast. Thanks again for all the kind words and keep at it.