Do NOT try "Escalator Spinning"

('cause I haven't posted a funny video in a while.....)

I don't recommend trying "Escalator Spinning," but that doesn't mean we can't have fun watching!

[h/t: Joey deVilla]

Quoting Joey (and I share the same thought):

* I am not responsible for mall security pepper-spraying you or for any injuries resulting from your attempts at escalator spinning.

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Melody said...

Just another way to GET YOURSELF KILLED.

But I am open to watching other people be stupid as long as I don't have to watch them plummet to an undignified demise.

Melody Platz

>The Writer’s Comfy Corner

nancy said...

That's hilarious. And really, how can you be killed from that? :)

Lee said...

Glad you ladies liked it! I don't know about killed, but I could see myself getting seriously hurt if I tried doing it!