Where can you purchase a privacy policy?

If you host Google AdSense ads on your website, you may be aware that there are significant changes to Google AdSense's Terms and Conditions document.

The change with the biggest impact to me, was the clause requiring (among other things) a "... privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browser ... "

Where am I going to get the time to draft a comprehensive privacy policy that complies with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, (PIPEDA)?

Enter MegaDox.com. From their website:

MegaDox.com has been providing high quality legal and business documents online since 1999. On MegaDox.com you'll find thousands of documents to choose from, with new documents added daily.

Save time and money with immediate downloads and no shipping costs. Ordering is easy and secure, by phone or online. There are no complicated forms to fill out, and once you've purchased a document it's yours to use as many times as you need.

They host legal forms, business documents and a variety of other documents. I have seen documents specific to Canada as well as documents specific to the United States. Most importantly for me, they have a Website Privacy Policy in compliance with PIPEDA (Canada) as well as a Website Usage Terms & Conditions document! (Best of all, the documents I required were reasonably priced!)

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