MLF&H: Can you take off shoe labels?

shoe labelsIt's well known that Mabel's Labels shoe labels are:

  • extra tough
  • extra sticky
  • do not rub off on socks
  • fit nicely into the insole of shoes, boots, skates and rollerblades and are
  • shipped with protective overlays to ensure durability.
But what happens if you want to take the labels OFF the shoes?

From Lady M's post "More on Mabel's Labels":
"My son outgrew his his nicely labeled shoes this week, and I wanted to return them to anonymity before giving them away to Goodwill. With only a little bit of tugging effort, I was able to remove the Mabel's Labels from each shoe, with barely a trace of stickiness left in the shoe.

The labels stayed on when they were supposed to stay on. And they came off when they were supposed to come off. I'm a fan."

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