MLF&H: What else can I do with Tag-Mates™?

Tag-Mates™Mabel's Labels Tag-Mates™ (stick-in clothing labels):

  • are ideal for quick labeling – no iron necessary!
  • resist the wear and tear of laundry and children beautifully!

But that's not all! Here are some ideas I've heard about (but haven't tried)*:
  • Tag-Mates™ are the perfect size for Leapster / GameBoy cartridges. (I've heard that Skinny-Minis™ work well for this too.)
  • Used by the elderly residing in assisted living centers. (Name and room number on the label.)
  • Identifying baby soothers.
  • Use on fabric sandals (beachy ones) with clothing tags in them.
  • Hockey gear.
An additional note, if you order the labels without an icon, the text tends to be larger and easier to read.

*Your mileage may vary!

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