The movie quote meme

[Edited to add clues.]

I was too late to the game to play the movie quote meme over at Postcards from the Mothership, so I'm inviting Dani to come here and play!

The rules:

* Pick 10 (or so) of your favorite movies.
* Find, remember, or look up a quote from each movie.
* Post them here for everyone to guess.
* Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
* NO googling or cheating by doing an online search. Cheaters never prosper.
* Share the fun and only guess one movie. [I'm going to make this one optional.]

  1. From a 2005 remake of a children's movie released in 1971 (starring Gene Wilder) under a slightly different title.

    "You can't have your family hanging over you like an old, dead goose. No offense."

  2. Dani got it! Monsters Inc really tickles my funnybone!
    "There's nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you."

  3. From a 1982 cult classic starring Harrison Ford.

    "Chew, if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes!"

  4. Andrea, I was hoping you'd play! Was there any doubt, I'd include a quote from Dune?
    "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear's path, and only I will remain."

  5. Released in 2002, this is the first film in a trilogy of books by Robert Ludlum.

    "How could I forget about you? You're the only person I know."

  6. From a 1982 rock musical featuring Bob Geldof.

    "Who let all this riff raff into the room? That one's smoking a joint! And that one's got spots! If I had my way, I'd have all of you shot! "

  7. From a 2002 film adaptation of a stage musical.

    "First she steals my publicity. Then she steals my lawyer, my trial date. And now she steals my goddamn garter."

  8. From a fishy 2003 animated children's movie.

    "I don't want to play the gender card right now. You want to play a card, let's play the 'let's not die' card."

  9. From a 2001 animated adult movie (though kids seem to like it too). The line was spoken by Eddie Murphy.

    "Please. I don't wanna go back there. You don't know what it's like to be considered a freak... Well, maybe you do, but that's why we gotta stick together. You gotta let me stay!"

  10. Released in 2001, this was a remake of a remake of a 1960 film which starred Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

    "You remember the day I went out for cigarettes and didn't come back? You must have noticed."

Game on!

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Andrea said...

4 is Dune, of course.

DaniGirl said...

Oh phew, I was over here yesterday with no hands free to comment, and figured someone might have guessed the only one I know off the top of my head... I'm sure #2 is Monsters Inc, as we just watched it (for the 26th time) the other day.

Lee said...

Thanks for playing ladies! (And how smart you are.)

Now I have to figure out whether this embarrassing lack of participation is due to the clues being too difficult or my readership being too small. I'm thinking it's the latter.

On Monday I'm going to add more clues ... alternately Dani, maybe we could shop the clues at your place ... maybe I've just got really odd taste in movies!

Anonymous said...

#8 is Finding Nemo (I think)

Lee said...

Good job Anonymous!