MLF&H: Do child ID wristbands work?

my 411 wristbandsQuestion: The new child ID wristbands sound like an interesting idea, but do they work?

Short answer: Yes they do!

Long answer: We were recently out on a day trip with offspring and friends with offspring. I provided wristbands to all the kids on our group. In the event they got separated from the adults they were each instructed to find a mommy and show her their new "bracelet."

As fate would have it, we found ourselves in an area with a large play structure -- the kind that's at least two stories tall with slides and mirrors and multiple compartments into which parents are not always able to see. The kind where it's not uncommon to lose sight of your child for a couple of minutes.

Except that we lost sight of one of the children for longer than a couple of minutes. The remaining children were sent through the structure to find the missing child. No luck. A few minutes later my cell phone rang. The missing child had wandered out of the "play" area and shown a mommy their bracelet!

Thank you Mabel's Labels for your "my 411 wristbands!"

If you're in a situation like this, as soon as you realize a child is missing, I recommend taking your cell out of your purse / backpack / pocket, turning it to vibrate and carrying it in your hand. The ambient noise at fairs or indoor playgrounds can be so loud that it's impossible for you hear the cell phone when it rings.

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