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To a reality show near you!

Just when I think that the reality show genre has explored every possible angle, the come up with some thing new! I hope this idea is left unexplored.


(With apologies to the SYTYCD franchise for spoofing their logo.)

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Melody said...

That is hilarious. At first I said, "What! NO, it can't be." But then I realized it was a doodle spoof.

Did you see the commercials for the reality dog show. I guess they're going to let America pick the most lovable dog in the universe or something.

I think they should have a most lovable parakeet contest. My bird, Sunny would win.

Ann D said...

Now I am afraid.

Julie Cole said...


Lee said...

Melody: Ha! I haven't seen that commercial ... sounds curious. Thanks for submitting me to the social networking sites!

Ann: Thanks for stopping by!

Julie: Glad you liked it!