Where the birdies is

Check out "Where the birdies is," a publication by Michael Renouf. Michael has a gift for illustrative puns and his style is clean as well as pleasing to the eye. Check out his blog, Non-Stick Plans.

Then buy his book at Lulu.com!

From Michael's post:

My first, experimental, effort in this direction could loosely be described as a book - it's more of a glorified pamphlet - and it's up on Lulu now. It's called 'Where the Birdies is' and is a sort of ornithillogical anthology of 60 birdie-themed drawings (plus the one above on the cover and a little one on the half-title page) from this very blog.

Being Lulu and print-on-demand it's neither perfectly printed (partly due to my habit of using gradients for backgrounds) nor cheap. Am I doing a good job of selling it to you? It's paperback, 7.5" (19cm) square, 64 pages, in full colour (apart from the black and white bits). It even has a contents page, like a proper book. It's only available on Lulu for now.

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