The eleventh hour

Shout out to Space, the Canadian TV station hosting Doctor Who. According to the website, they'll be starting the new season, featuring Matt Smith, starting this Saturday! (And hopefully, they'll continue to host the episodes online as well.) [h/t: The Doctor Who Blog]

Also from The Doctor Who Blog:

Season Fnarg of Doctor Who premieres on Space on 17 April, and for every person who doesn’t watch it, a unicorn will die. It’s in good hands here in Canada, and your blogger for one would heartily encourage all those reading this to support it at its new home for as long as its new home is happy to support it.

I had the good fortune to watch Matt Smith in Party Animals when it aired on TVO and I'm confident he'll do brilliantly in his new role!

For those who are interested, Matt Smith was interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on CBC One yesterday. You can find the podcast here (Matt Smith starts about the 20min mark):
the Podcast 2010-04-14 Dr Who actor Matt Smith
Dr Who actor Matt Smith * Stripping banned in Iceland * A plea to stop with all the musicals!

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