Easiest cake ever: ice cream sandwich cake

ice_cream_cake_08This recipe is based on one by Stephanie Gallagher published at About.com


  • baking dish approx 7" x 12" x 2" (Any shallower than this and the cake will rise above the edges of the pan.)

  • 16 ice cream sandwiches
  • approx 200mL chocolate syrup
  • approx 200mL Cool Whip, thawed
  • approx 2 cups chocolate frozen yogurt (softened in the fridge for an hour or so)
  • decorations for cake (sprinkles, icing etc)

  1. Line bottom of baking dish with ice cream sandwiches (you may need to get creative and cut one up to get complete coverage).

  2. Drizzle chocolate sauce on this layer.

  3. Add softened frozen yogurt. (Be mindful of the depth of your pan. If you add too much here, the final product may extend over the top of the pan.)

  4. Cover with a layer of ice cream sandwiches. (Cut as required for complete coverage.)


  5. Top with whipped topping.


  6. Freeze, uncovered for 2 hours.

  7. Cover with foil and freeze at least another hour. (I left it in the freezer overnight.)

  8. Decorate as desire. (Should you want to decorate it well ahead of when you're going to serve it, you may wish to take a small amount of the whipped topping and put some of your decorations on it and leave it in the freezer to see if the colours will run into the whipped topping.)

Makes 16 servings.

  • The sandwich wafers were a little dry in the final product. The more you let the ice cream melt while making it, the less dry the wafers will be.
  • Alternately, putting cool whip between the layers may help to soften the wafers.
  • Of course, after being served the ice cream does melt and the wafers don't stay dry for long!

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