Back to school tip 3: read Ask Moxie

Go over to Moxie's place and read Making Life Good For Your Kids' Teachers.


  • If you want to have an extended conversation with your child's teacher, please make an appointment so your child's teacher can schedule his time and plan accordingly.
  • Please, please, please thank the teachers who take the time to meet with you for extended conferences.
  • Teaching is a lonely profession with few extrinsic rewards. A quick email saying, "Hey, that was such a cool project! My son really enjoyed it!!!!" takes 2 minutes to write and will be remembered by your son's teacher for years.
  • Tell your child's principal when your child's teacher does great work.

And especially:
  • Your child's teacher is a partner with you in caring about your child's learning. Treat them as a partner, not a boss or a servant.

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