MLF&H: Bag tags vs Teeny tags™

Mabel's Labels offers durable metal tags, perfect for children and adults alike. But should you get Bag Tags or Teeny Tags™?

Bag tags
Teeny tags™

Bag Tags perfect for school bags, camp packs, sporting equipment, luggage and more.Teeny Tags™ are also designed to hang off backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and more. Teeny Tags are also great for personal identification - perfect for runners, walkers and other sports enthusiasts.
Size (approx)
57mm x 32mm (2-1/4" x 1-1/4")3cm x 2cm (1.2'' x 0.8'')
Photos (showing relative sizes)
(photos have been digitally altered to give an approximation of relative product sizes)
Bag tag:

Teeny tag:

How they attach
Short ball chain
1.5cm ring fastener (like a small key
Ease of removal
Ball chain is easy and fast to remove.
Ring fastener takes a little longer to remove.
Maximum of 20 characters.Maximum of 60 characters.
Large. Easily visible.
Small and inconspicuous.
Can have a lot of text.
Fastener is more secure than the ball chain.
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Ms. Porter said...

i like the teeny tags, i think they are more versatile. i haven't bought any yet but they will def be on my list.

Lee said...

Porter: I've developed a fondness for the Teeny Tags myself!