And the UBTSC winner is ....

Official list of contest entrants:

1 Mary Lynn
2 Carrie
3 Shannon
4 Miss Shops-a-lot
5 Jennyjag
6 Ms. Porter
7 Rae
8 Tiana
9 sandra
10 The Veg Next Door
11 Nora
12 Kerry
13 marywoodrow
14 Capital Mom
15 Jenn
16 Ginny
17 Lanna
18 J Lincoln
19 Jacquie

Random number generation by random.org:

Congratulations Jenn!!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Check back here at the end of the month -- I'll be offering a coupon code for Mabel's Labels.

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Ms. Porter said...

congrats to the winner, it's an awesome prize! thanks to andrea at the fishbowl for introducing me to your blog, and thanks for you for running the contest!!!!

Lee said...

Porter: Thanks for entering and for your lovely comments! I'll have information on a Mabel's Labels coupon code at the end of the month and I'll see what I can do about more Mabel's give aways.

Hope you're having a great summer!