In four short years


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Pumpkin carving for easy candle access

Have you ever burned your hand trying to get a candle in or out of a jack-o'-lantern? Try cutting your pumpkin 'lid' a little differently.


  • pumpkin
  • carving knife

  • Prep the pumpkin for carving.


  • Mark where you're going to cut the 'lid.' The front (shown as top of the photo) will be a semi-circle, while the back will extend all the way down the back of the pumpkin.


  • Using your favourite method, clean out and carve the pumpkin.


  • Now you're able to put a candle in through the back of the pumpkin, with much less risk of getting burned!

    pumpkin_carving_04 pumpkin_carving_05

[Remember to keep children away from lit flames and matches!]

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Hallowe'en mobile

This was created at our local Ontario Early Years Centre.


Instructions for creating this Hallowe'en Mobile can be found at Craft Day.


Do you have interesting fundraising ideas?

It's the time if year when schools and children's organizations turn their thoughts to fundraising. (Remember the days when school fundraising efforts only happened once a year?)

There's the old bake sale stand-by along with the ubiquitous magazines and cookie dough.

What I'd like to know is, what types of fundraisers have you found particularly successful?

(It goes without saying that your school or organization would be running a Mabel's Labels fundraiser -- what could be easier than running a fundraiser that doesn't require you to collect money or ship product?)


Is it bad luck?

Is it bad luck to throw lucky bamboo in the garbage?


Patience vs stress


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It has begun (and Sweetmama's first Mother's Day Off Spa-A-Thon)

IComLeavWeIt's IComLeavWe time again! Join the Conversation.

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And from Marla's blog:

Raising money for a good cause is important, but who needs to run 10k, spin for 2 hours, or walk for 24 hours, when you could just spend the day at the spa? Well, with Sweetmama's first Mother's Day Off Spa-A-Thon you can! I'm proud to announce that we have partnered with the SickKids Foundation to host this very special event. It will take place on Saturday, October 25th from 1-5pm at Andrew Richards Designs.

Enjoy an afternoon of manicures, massages, yoga/pilates, boot camp, make up applications, and much more from some of our favourite sponsors like Gee Beauty, Dermalogica, Pilates for Life and Track Fitness! Plus there will be sweet treats provided from Flour Girls, Genuine Health, Track Snacks, and Vitamin Water.

If that's not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should buy a ticket:

1. You don't need to be a Sweetmama, or a mama, for that matter! It is just a day for women to kick back, relax and enjoy some "me" time, all for a good cause. Show your support without wearing a support bra!

2. The value of the gift bags is already over $175, so you'll more than make it back the ticket price in sweet swag!

3. Even if you can't make it that day, you should buy a ticket. Why? Because the money is for a great cause, and I will personally put your gift bag away for you so that you can enjoy it another day.



Get yours in time for the holidays!

Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Designed to stick to presents, Holiday Gift Tags come in four great designs: Snowy Day, Festive Sparkles, Snowflakes and Celebration.

Available from October 20th – December 31st.

Personalized Holiday Return Address Labels
By popular demand, Holiday Return Address Labels are back in a fun snowflake design. Printed on evergreen, rosy red or winter night with white writing. Colours sold separately or in a mixed pack.

Available from October 20th – December 31st.


Dynamic Fall centrepiece



  • Take the unopened milkweed pod and place in the bottom of the vase.
  • As the pod dries out, it will crack open.
  • As the long silky hair, attached to the seeds, dries out, they expand, forcing the pod to open more and accelerating the drying of the pod contents.


  • With time, the pod will completely open and the seeds will be suspended throughout the vase on the fluffy silky hairs. (Little hands may also be happy to assist with the process!)





CAUTION: Place out of reach of curious little hands and / or paws, unless you wish for a milkweed filled house!


Earn $25 in Mabel Moolah™ right now!

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Today's the day, Canada!


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The plan vs reality - Murphy's Law edition

Happy Thanksgiving, eh?


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Autumn collage

autumn_collage_1 autumn_collage_2

  • construction paper
  • white glue
  • things found on the ground at Autumn (leaves, acorns, flowers etc)

  • Send your youngster out to collect things specific to Autumn (leaves, acorns, flowers etc)
  • For pre-schoolers, have the child tell the adult where on the construction paper they'd like to glue items down. Have the adult apply the glue to the paper and the child place the item on the glue.
  • For older children, have them glue items to the paper as they see fit.

These instructions for creating Autumn Collages have been cross-posted at Craft Day.


Thoughts on wisdom

"You’re wise, he said, to the extent that you can get yourself to do the things you don’t like doing but know will result in happiness, and to refrain from things you like doing but know will result in pain and harm."