Pumpkin carving for easy candle access

Have you ever burned your hand trying to get a candle in or out of a jack-o'-lantern? Try cutting your pumpkin 'lid' a little differently.


  • pumpkin
  • carving knife

  • Prep the pumpkin for carving.


  • Mark where you're going to cut the 'lid.' The front (shown as top of the photo) will be a semi-circle, while the back will extend all the way down the back of the pumpkin.


  • Using your favourite method, clean out and carve the pumpkin.


  • Now you're able to put a candle in through the back of the pumpkin, with much less risk of getting burned!

    pumpkin_carving_04 pumpkin_carving_05

[Remember to keep children away from lit flames and matches!]

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Kristin said...

That is brilliant. I can't believe I never thought of that.


Mary said...

This is a fantastic idea!!!

Thanks for sharing.


Ginny said...

That is such a good idea!

Lee said...

Thanks ladies! I wish I thought of it myself. One of my friends showed me how to do this!

savvymomdotca said...

I loved your crafts! Thank you so much for sharing your pumpkin-carving tips, as it's always a disaster every year at our house.

Since we cut our pumpkins early, I noticed that the cut surfaces would shrink and look rotty, so I use Vaseline on these edges and voila, they stay fresh!

I cannot take the credit for this tip though. I found it on this site: http://www.savvymom.ca/index.php/newsletter/ott_behold_the_great_pumpkin/2

They also have a cool tip if you cut a chunk off by accident!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I always just cut out the bottom, instead of the top or back, then you can just put the candle down flat and put the pumpkin on top of it. But I guess this works well too!

Anonymous said...

I also cut out the bottom and place the pumpkin right on top of the candle. Much easier and you preserve the top and stem that way,

Anonymous said...

that is a brilliant idea, whoever thought of it. :)

Lee said...

Christina: Thanks for commenting and the tip about SavvyMom.ca They have terrific newsletters!

Anonymous1 and Anonymous2: That works too!

SpringTreeRoad: Thanks for stopping by!