Do you have interesting fundraising ideas?

It's the time if year when schools and children's organizations turn their thoughts to fundraising. (Remember the days when school fundraising efforts only happened once a year?)

There's the old bake sale stand-by along with the ubiquitous magazines and cookie dough.

What I'd like to know is, what types of fundraisers have you found particularly successful?

(It goes without saying that your school or organization would be running a Mabel's Labels fundraiser -- what could be easier than running a fundraiser that doesn't require you to collect money or ship product?)

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Steve said...

An excellent idea for simple to manage fundraising, also consider Fundraising Discount Cards.

In a nutshell, you buy plastic credit card type cards, which could have your chosen fundraiser logo on the front & approx 12 to 20 local merchants offering discounts on the back, you sell these at a profit (obviously), but also the person buying the card actually has more than the value of the card in discounts - win/win.

Eg: you buy card for $2, sell card for $10, & person buying has in excess of $10 worth of discounts.

Some of the better companies offer to get the merchants for you & some don’t even ask for payment until 2 weeks later, effectively paying for the cards out of the profit you’ve already made! - http://www.boostyourfundraising.com

Lee said...

Steve: Thanks for dropping by and sharing your great idea! I'll be spending some time at your website to see what other tricks you've got up your sleve!