Dynamic Fall centrepiece



  • Take the unopened milkweed pod and place in the bottom of the vase.
  • As the pod dries out, it will crack open.
  • As the long silky hair, attached to the seeds, dries out, they expand, forcing the pod to open more and accelerating the drying of the pod contents.


  • With time, the pod will completely open and the seeds will be suspended throughout the vase on the fluffy silky hairs. (Little hands may also be happy to assist with the process!)





CAUTION: Place out of reach of curious little hands and / or paws, unless you wish for a milkweed filled house!

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In Due Time said...



Indigo said...

I know that my cats would have a field day with that, but my gosh, it looks so pretty!

I'm also here from ICLW!

Julie Cole said...

beautiful, but i'd be worried about the kids trying to blow 'wishes' all over the house! Love it though!!

Vanessa said...

I Love that Idea! Its so pretty and whimsical.
Im also from ICLW :c)

cjsayers77 said...

Who would ever think that would be so pretty... well I guess you!!! lol


Lee said...

In Due Time: Thanks for stopping by!

Indigo: I'd love to get video of cats having at it! (Just as long as I didn't have to do the clean up!)

Julie: Thanks! And yeah, we have a rule that wishes can only be made OUTSIDE.

Vanessa: :) back at ya!

CJSayers: It wasn't premeditated. We just collected one and as it started opening I put it in the vase to contain the mess. And then it continued to open! I thought it looked pretty.

Happy ICLW everyone!

CappyPrincess said...

Cool idea. Thanks for sharing it.