MLF&H: Child safety concerns when using full name

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My son has a common first name, Jack. There are two other boys in his class with the same first name and the same initial for their last name, so we'd like to get his full name "Jack Scott" put on his labels. However, we'd rather not have his full name on his bag tags, which would be clearly visible to strangers.

Can I order a combo pack and have the bag tags not have the full name? Or am I stuck ordering each of the label types separately?

Mabel's Labels is conscious of child safety and appreciates your concern. It is possible to order a combo and request that the bag tags do not include the child's first name. (All of the other labels can be discretely positioned.)

Simply mention your request in the comments box on the online form, or call in your order (toll-free) at 1-866-306-2235.

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