C&C: September 25


  • To skeet, who posted photos of her lovely new great-niece!
  • To Rascal, who just turned one! (Now let your mummy get some sleep.)
  • To SAHW, who posted some lovely ultrasounds of her two babies to be! What an exciting time.

  • Thinking of brigindo, who is crptically working through some muddy issues with the knowledge that "need does NOT equal love."
  • Thinking of Nancy, who is in a nasty funk. Here's hoping the funk lifts and doesn't morph into full fledged depression or come back as PPD.
  • Healing thoughts to Moreena's little girl, who is again active on the transplant waiting list for a new liver.

Leave a comment to tell us about your congratulations and / or commiserations.

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nancy said...

awww, thank you. I was completely surprised to see my name here. Thanks for thinking of me.

Lee said...

Pregnancy is hard enough without being put on an emotional roller coaster too!

Kristin said...

Lots of prayers and {{{hugs}}} to all who need it.

Haley-O said...

Awww! Thanks so much for thinking of us and for the congrats! xoxo! I really appreciate it. :)