The 80/20 rule

(Or The Pareto Principle)

For a many activities, 80% of the value received will come from 20% of the effort. (With the remaining 80% of the effort spent finessing only 20% of the value.)

How much time do you spend fine-tuning the last 20% of the outcome?

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nancy said...

I couldn't agree with this one more.

Lee said...

I wish I'd learned this a lot earlier in my life!

Andrea said...

As a die-hard perfectionist I am always trying to get that last 20%. And regretting it. Even though I've had my Dad telling me this rule since I was, like, 7.

btw, the second one is very pretty.

Lee said...

Andrea: Oh do I hear you!

Thanks for commenting on the second one! Initially, that was the only one I was going to do (except the initial plan was to use circles -- and I got caught up in the area calculations for how to make that work), but I wasn't sure if it was clear to anyone else but me. I like it best of the two.