Save Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Details at SaveMisterRogers.com.

From their website:

"In June 2008, Public Broadcasting Service announced that it intends to soon change the way Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the beloved children’s television program, is distributed to member stations."

"PBS will cease transmitting the program as part of their daily syndicated lineup beginning in September. Instead, PBS will provide member stations with a single Neighborhood episode on weekends. This unfortunate decision essentially silences the special nurturing voice of Mister Rogers in the daily lives of today’s children."

"We’re asking PBS to please reconsider their decision, and allow Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, with its timeless expressions of care for children, to remain a part of their syndicated Monday through Friday schedule."

How can you help? ContactPBS Headquarters and Your PBS Station and tell them how much this show means to you!

For more information and for updates, visit SaveMisterRogers.com.

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