How to train for an environmental marathon

Do you think it's too much trouble to do good things for Planet Earth? Think again.

Have a read through Andrea's Green Family How To Train for an Environmental Marathon Guide. In summary:

  1. The Introduction, introducing the ecological footpring calculator and breaking down the basics of what level of environmental action corresponds to what level of physical effort.

  2. The Slow Walk, some very easy and basic lifestyle changes to knock a few hectares off of your footprint.

  3. Walk Fast, being slightly more challenging lifestyle actions.

  4. Walk/Run, more challenging lifestyle actions plus a little self-education on local environmental issues and resources.

  5. Run a 5k, the last of the lifestyle changes plus some online resources on environmental news for your edification.

  6. Run a 10k by reading a book. A whole book on an environmental issue.

  7. Run a Half-Marathon: activism for beginners!

  8. Rest and Regroup, including environmentally-themed fun for the whole family.

  9. Run 20 Miles: more challenging and time-consuming forms of environmental activism.

  10. The Marathon.

Sure, you may not be an environmental marathoner, per se. But how good would it feel to know that you could run a 5K?

Thanks Andrea, for putting this resource together!

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