references: How to Draw Caricatures

Tom Richmond has begun publishing tutorials on creating a caricatures!

[I'll be editing this post adding the links to the rest of the tutorials as they come down the pipe.]

I hope to make some time to work on Tom's lessons as well as getting back to John's. I've previously posted a line drawing or three of mine which are clearly not caricatures.

Here are some older more humourous line drawings, which I'll call "cartoon-ish," because I don't feel they are quite at the caricature level.

(Please do not reproduce these images without my permission!)

CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001 CAM 2001

And one a little more serious, based on a photograph:
CAM 2001

I'll get there one day! Thanks Tom, for posting such wonderful resources!

PS: Can anyone out there identify the subjects of the above cartoons? [Bonus points if you can do it without Googling "David Acer."]

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