MLF&H: Double your iron-ons!

Double your iron-ons!If you're ordering iron-ons with a short name, here's a hack to consider. Get the name printed up twice on the same iron-on, with 6 or so spaces between them. (See example image to the right.)
Double your iron-ons!
Before applying the half-sized iron-ons to clothes:

  • cut the iron-on in half vertically
  • cut rounded corners for each half (approximated by the red dotted lines in the image to the right) Failure to round the corners will result in the iron-on prematurely lifting and peeling.
  • apply the half-sized iron-on as you would a full-sized one

Double your iron-ons!
  • twice as many iron-ons for the same price!
  • labels fit nicely on tiny items (think infant socks)

Double your iron-ons!Cons:
  • Will not work with long names.
  • Only one image per iron-on, so only 50% of your half-sized labels will have an image.
  • It is time consuming to cut rounded corners on the half-sized labels.
  • You buy fewer iron-ons which means I earn less commission! (Booooooo.)

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