What makes a face, a face?

I love the work of Al Hirschfeld. I've never quite figured out how to do caricatures, but I want to learn. I'm starting with the baby-step of line drawings.

It's easy to make a face -- two eyes a nose and a mouth. But how do you make a face, THAT face, with just a few lines?

I'm experimenting by 'tracing' (via Photoshop) photos* to see what to add and subtract to make the face become the person.

[Edited to add a big "mahalo" to skeet for being supportive of my practice and providing the inspiration for the first two images below!]




If I get some free time, I'll post some line drawings of days gone by, for entertainment!

*If you think I'm using a photo of you and you're offended by the likeness (or lack thereof), let me know and I'll take the image down.

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skeet said...

Hee! I recognize those! Well, a ciouple fo them. Good job. No, not offended, but a linky would be sweet. Would give your readers a chance to compare your work with the originals, too. :0)

Lee said...

Mahalo, skeet! You rock!

Links added.