DIY: coat stand

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stand_05_complete Tired of picking up your litte one's outer wear? Is your child too small to hang up their clothes in the closet? Are you unable to install coat pegs in your wall? Can't find a child-size coat-tree that isn't an eye-poking hazard, or with a non-tip base smaller than Newfoundland?

That's where I was was when I created this simple child-sized coat-stand. The parts cost me less than $30 Cdn (including tax) and it took me 10 minutes to assemble.

Now little hats and coats are off the floor and hung up with no effort (other than a little reminding) from me!


  1. Get a clothes horse. I used the HOPLAND Valet Stand from IKEA.


  2. Select some "hook" accessories. The top one in the photo below is a tie organizer designed to be screwed into a wall. The one in the bottom of the photo is a series of hooks designed to fit over a door.


  3. Add the hooks to the clothes horse as desired.


  4. I used the 'twist-tie' fasteners, annoyingly found fastening toys to their packaging, to add the tie organizer to the stand.


  5. Voila! A child-sized coat-stand! No power tools required!
    (If you're concerned about tipping, weight the feet down.)


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Tricia Mumby said...

You are brilliant! very cool...

Lee said...

Glad you like it Tricia! It's been worth every penny and then some!

Thanks for stopping by!

Marc's Mom said...

awesome creative & practical idea, kinda like small spaces, great design...thank you for sharing!

Lee said...

Marc's Mom: Thanks for stopping by and making the time to comment!

It's amazing what you can do if you have the proper incentive!