You thought we wouldn't notice

[Edited to add some links about protecting images at the bottom of this post. ]

You thought we wouldn’t notice is a "site dedicated to pointing out those thing's that give you that feeling of 'haven't l seen that somewhere before?' " Today's post is very interesting.

Other links about that post:

It got me to thinking. What would I do if someone copied something I did? And made a tonne of money from it? Blech.

(I've already had someone reproduce something of mine while violating the terms of the Creative Commons license, and I haven't been successful at getting that sorted out. But at least they didn't take credit for it!)

On protecting images:

"If your image is so valuable that you want to be sure no one ever steals it,
then don't post it online. That is the securest and safest method of protecting
your digital images."

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