One Mighty (difficult) Mouse (to draw)

Lesson 9A / 10 (Model Sheets) - Part 4 (Mighty Mouse)

(This is either Lesson 9A or Lesson 10, depending on whether you're following JohnK's numbering or the number at ASIFA.)

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - Lesson 9A/10 (also seen at ASIFA-Hollywood)


  • I continue to struggle with proportion -- notice the size of the head realtive to the body.
  • I do a better job when I make my copy larger than the orignal. Everything seems to fall apart when I make my drawing smaller than the original. (Less room to cheat, I guess.)

Model sheet:

My stuff:



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Stephen said...

I agree, Lee. When I make mine smaller, the details tend to run together and it looks bad. When mine are larger than the originals, they come out much better, I think.

As for proportion, I've had the same problem, but I've started doing a loose sketch in the beginning and checking the sizes against the original using my pencil. I was always making the bodies too large compared to the head, but I now draw the head and then mark where the end of the trunk and the feet should be before I draw them, and that really helps.


Lee said...

Thanks for dropping by Stephen!

Great tip about keeping proportions. I struggle between the urge to measure everything out and the desire to do it with minimal measuring. If I'm not careful, I could easily turn the exercises into technical recreations!

Stephen said...

I agree. I think the more work I put into faithfully reproducing the Blair drawings - and I do take my time on each one - the stiffer I think they look. I'd like to get to a point where I can copy them quickly and have my lines flow easily, but I guess that just takes practice.

I've been doing quick measurements to make sure everything will lay out correctly, and I think it helps. I try to make mine as close as I can to the Blair originals, although I haven't bothered to overlay them in Photoshop. I'm mainly trying to learn the principles and try to get hand-eye coordination down, rather than making sure mine are 100% accurate.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Jeez, you're getting very good!

-David O.

Lee said...

David, thanks for swinging by and for the very kind word!

While it's true, I'm finding the exercises much easier than when I started last year, I think my eye has improved to the point where I'm extremely critical of my own work!

I really appreciate your encouragement and support!