Do what you can

Don't know how to safely dispose of your end-of-life electronics? Check out DoWhatYouCan.ca
From their electronics section:

To decrease the amount of potentially hazardous material accumulating in our landfills, the Ontario Government has designated Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), a non-profit industry organization to manage a program that encourages reuse, recycling and, if needed, proper disposal of unwanted electronic equipment.

(New locations are continuously added as they become approved.)

In some communities drop-off locations include Salvation Army Thift Stores and Best Buy. Check the site for details.

In addition, if you are in the Toronto area and have functional computer equipment to donate, have a look at reBOOT Canada where tax receipts are issued for the market value of computer systems and peripherals.

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Andrea said...

cool, thanks Lee. I've been looking for somewhere to get rid of an old dvd player for a few weeks now.

Lee said...

Andrea: I'm glad that it's getting easier to do the right thing. It's frustrating when you know you what you shouldn't be doing, but there's no one to help with the "should be doing."