The Week The Women Went

Last week, while watching "The Border," there was a promo for a new Canadian reality show airing next Monday, called "The Week The Women Went." From the CBC website:

A new reality series that chronicles all the drama, humour and calamities as they unfold when the women of a small oil town in Alberta leave for a week-long vacation with little to no contact with their families. The men stay behind to deal with the challenges of housework, childcare and other family responsibilities.

I'm not embarassed to say that I'm going to tune in on Monday! (And of course, I'm going to stay tuned to CBC to catch the first episode of The Border that Denis wrote.)

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Bill said...

I'm glad to see you are also taken in by the idea of the women leaving. From the early reviews, the show seems pretty interesting - although there are some horror stories from the old BBC version. It will be interesting to see if, in the end, the people of Hardisty are happy to have shared their lives. A few of them have done interviews, and more are yet to come.

Lee said...

Bill: Thanks for stopping by to comment. I hadn't realized there was a BBC version! (It figures that everything is a copy of something else these days.) What type of bad situations happened in that version?

I've only caught two episode thus far. Most of it seems exactly as one would think. There are one or two family situations though, that have me just a little bit concerned. I hope my fears are unfounded!