Test the Nation: Bloggers rule!

CBC aired Test the Nation ~ Trivia tonight. Out of a possible 60 correct answers, here are the team scores:

Cab drivers: 35
Chefs: 37
Celebrity Look-Alikes: 39
Flight crews: 41
Backpackers: >41 and <50;

and <drumroll>..... </drumroll>

Bloggers: 50

Congratulations to Kate Trgovac, John Martz and the other awesome Canadians on Team Bloggers!

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DaniGirl said...

Oh RATS!! I totally meant to watch this, as some of my favourite non-family bloggers were on the panel, and completely forgot. Sigh!

Lee said...

It was fun!

Joey's got a more comprehensive post up about it at:

Kate said...

Hi, Lee ..

Thanks so much for the link and the congrats! It was a really great time - the bloggers were definitely the rowdiest group, but I think we had the most fun too!

Cheers .. Kate

Lee said...

Kate: thanks for stopping by! Glad you had as much fun there as I did at home cheering y'all on!