Fun multiplication games

If you have a youngster learning mulitplication, you may be looking for a fun and engaging way to help them with the rote learning of number facts.

The thing I like about these five in particular, is that they don't have a timed component to them.



- 20 question a day limit
- facts up to 10
- can sign up for an account to get unlimited questions (I have not done this)

Buzzy's Times Table Challenge
- whole times table review up to 10 x 10

Fridge magnet multiplication game
- choose “Level A - make the answer”
- choose “no clock”

The Amblesweb Tables tester
- choose “harder” to go up to 11 x 11

Multiplication Math Games For Kids
- includes “flash card” games for specific number series, cheese capers game and bus math multiplication

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