One bad weed

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From the CBC website:
Biologists and health officials in eastern Ontario are scrambling to contain an invasive plant that can cause blindness and severe burns.

Heracleum mantegazzianum, or giant hogweed, is a poisonous plant most recently found growing in Renfrew County, west of Ottawa.
The Globe and Mail reports that the weed is also making headway into parts of British Columbia.

The Globe article also states that the Invasive Plants Council of British Columbia recommends an expert wear waterproof gloves, a rubber raincoat and pants and eye protection when they're removing the worrisome weed!

Don't be getting this one confused with Queen Anne's Lace.

For more information, visit OntarioWeeds.com

Genesis had a song titled "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" which can be seen on YouTube.

Interesting lyric:
Still they're invincible,
Still they're immune to all our herbicidal battering.

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