3-D heart


  • paper
  • scissors
  • X-Acto type knife and cutting mat
  • optional: materials for decorating your heart (eg. markers, crayonsstickers, glitter and glue)
  • optional: ribbon or yarn for hanging your heart

  1. 2010_01_3d_heart_01Place your paper flat.

  2. 2010_01_3d_heart_02Fold your paper in half (the fold is on the left hand side in the photo.)

  3. 2010_01_3d_heart_03Draw half a heart on the paper. (Middle of the heart is the same place as the folded edge of the paper.)

  4. 2010_01_3d_heart_04Cut out the heart and discard (recycle) the extra paper.

    2010_01_3d_heart_05If you were to open up the paper at this point, it would look something like this:

  5. 2010_01_3d_heart_06Draw some concentric half-heart lines (two lines shown) making sure to LEAVE A GAP BEFORE THE FOLDED EDGE.

  6. 2010_01_3d_heart_07Using an X-Acto knife and cutting mat, cut along the lines. Be sure leave a gap between the cut at the folded edge.

  7. 2010_01_3d_heart_08Open the heart out.

  8. 2010_01_3d_heart_09Gently fold the "middle" heart so the left side is behind the outer heart and the right side is above the outer heart. Gently fold the "inner" heart so the left side is above the middle heart and the right side is behind the middle heart.

  9. Decorate!

  10. Optional: punch hole in top, middle and hang with yarn or ribbon.


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