Battle of the blades - Can you do it?

I admit it. I love Battle of the Blades. I hope Marie-France gets well soon, perhaps in time for the final show.

I think that Pelletier's "Can you do it?" YouTube clips are a fabulous idea! Learn a little figure skating while we enjoy watching figure skating! Just in time to warm up for the Olympics too.

What I find frustrating is how these clips are titled with the prefix "Battle of the blades - Can you do it? Challenge ..." Which means the rest of the title is often hidden. I've inventoried the ones I could find below, with more meaningful titles:

Oct 7: Spinning

Oct 14: Waltz Jump

Oct 22: Arabesque

Oct 28: Edges

Nov 4: Turns

Nov 10: Toe Picks and Jumps

The question, however, still remains: Can you do it? (Me, not so much.)

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