MLF&H: Kids too cool for name labels

mabel's icon on a Klean KanteenQuestion:

My child think's they're too old to have their name on their water bottle, but would like a way of easily identifying their bottle from their peers look alike bottles. (We still have some classic stickies with their name on them.)

Any thoughts?

Simply cut the icon off the classic stickies you own. (Be sure to round the corners for longer lasting wear.) Decorate bottle as desired.

Also works with skinny-minis™.

Bonus answer:
If you have children with sibling-germ-a-phobia (as in, "Ewww, I don't want to drink from the bottle top if he's used it before, even though it's been thoroughly washed") consider taking a thin slice of the same colour label and using it to match bottles to bottle lids.

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