Over at Non-Stick Plans, Michael recently posted Ronald Searle’s three requirements for success:

  • working discipline,
  • absolute command of the medium and
  • constant productivity.
To a certain extent, this is true. However, there is a at least one more ingredient. Circumstance (family, culture, friendship, opportunity and chance) also plays a role in an individual's success, as discussed in Malcolm Gladwell's, book Outliers.

Nonetheless, Searle's thoughts overlap nicely with Gladwell's "10,000-Hour Rule." ("No one gets to the top unless he or she puts in 10,000 hours of practice in a field, be it computer software, hockey, music, or law." -- Business Week review of Outliers)


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nonstickplans said...

I think you're right about circumstance, including character as well perhaps, being the added ingredient. But the point may be that application and dedication to your chosen field can sometimes override circumstance.

(I'm always rather flippant to your comments on Nonstick but I do appreciate them. Thanks).

Lee said...

Michael: Yes, character is a key ingredient as well. And yes, I agree that without application and dedication, success is rather unlikely.

Thanks for stopping by!