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I was very excited to see that Flickr has added the ability to upload and share "long pictures" (video). However, it took me a long time to figure out, how as the owner of said video I could download the original file.

From the Flickr Help Forum, here's how:

"Click the Embed link above your video, the download link is on that page."
(At the very bottom)

Interested in downloading files from your Flickr account in a batch? Apparently Flishr did that for a while. (Not sure if it still does.)

Juan Pablo has a interesting sounding solution involving Firefox and some extensions.

From his blog:
It involves:
- firefox
- greasemonkey extension installed
- DownThemAll! extension installed
- Flickr - Link Original Image script for greasemonkey
- and of course, a flickr account

So, go to a page in flickr for where you want to download the photos, the best is a set page photo or a tag one, where all the photos are displayed.

In the page, right click and select DownThemAll!..., and then in the links tab select "Images" in the Inclusive Filters section.

Then, click Start and wait for the downloads. That's all.

Thanks Juan!

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