Canadian Blog Awards - Nominations Now Open

Nominations are being accepted until January 11, 2008.

All blogs written by persons living in Canada or by Canadian citizens living abroad are eligible for nomination. In the case of group blogs, the aforementioned persons must be significant contributors to the blog.

Organizers of the awards must abstain from making any judgment as to eligibility of other participants in only the categories they have also been nominated for.

(2006 & 2007 Awards) Two rounds of voting will take place with each round lasting 7 days. The first round of voting will include all nominees. The second round of voting will narrow the list of nominees in each category down to the top 5 from the first round of voting.


Best Blog
Best French-Language Blog
Best New Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Blogosphere Citizen
Best Blog Post
Best Blog Post Series

Best Political Blog
Best progressive Blog
Best conservative Blog
Best Non-Partisan Blog

Best Personal Blog
Best Photo/Art Blog
Best Humour Blog
Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog
Best Business/Finance Blog
Best Religious Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Activities Blog
Best Media/Celebrity Blog
Best Family Blog
Best Local Blog
Best Sci/Tech Blog
Best Sexual/Gender Issues Blog
Best Podcaster/Vlogger
Best Military Blog
Best Education Blog

Honour your fav blogger by leaving a comment in the appropriate category. The folks over at the CBA's are trying to get a bit broader participation this year ... so spread the word!

[h/t to Dani and Kate]

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