Lookin' a little Goofy (but not as Goofy as I'd like)

Lesson 9A / 10 (Model Sheets) - Part 3 (Goofy)

(This is either Lesson 9A or Lesson 10, depending on whether you're following JohnK's numbering or the number at ASIFA.)

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - Lesson 9A/10 (also seen at ASIFA-Hollywood)


  • these were very challenging !

Model sheet:

My sheet:

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CaveMatt said...

Nice Goofy. These are getting better lee. I can see you building more. Using the shapes before putting the fabric over them. You're proportions drift a little on the profile one, but that's okay. Do you have a light table? I find with rotations it's easiest, especially on the 3/4 views and front and back ones to just flip the paper and trace it so that the proportions are automatically the same and then you just have to worry about the details after that.

Lee said...

I really appreciate you making the time to give constructive comments!

I've been focusing more on construction. I have to admit that it still makes my head hurt a little.

Great tip on the light table! I've always wondered how much of that stuff (measuring, tracing etc) was cheating and how much was considered 'all in a days work.' It's good to know that it's OK to have a little help with the proportions once they're set up!